Blueberry Banana Muffin Love

Mini chocolate chips (left), raw cacao nibs (middle), pecans (right).

I showed you love by baking you the Blueberry Banana Muffins that you like. I have made these Blueberry Banana Muffins for you several times before. Despite the fact that these muffins are actually pretty healthy and have blueberries, you always say that they're delicious. I even tried a different blueberry muffin recipe because I thought maybe you just liked blueberry muffins. You (and I) didnt really care for those muffins and I made you this batch of the ones we like. 

Anything with chocolate chips is automatically your favorite. I used this fact to make you something that I knew you'd really love. I tried to get a little creative. For you, I swapped out the blueberries and used mini chocolate chips instead.  They was a great hit with you! For me, I made some with only pieces of pecans. These muffins were yummy and tasted the most like traditional banana bread. I also did a third variation replacing the blueberries with a little handful of raw cacao nibs. These were really good too. The base of these healthier muffins is so good that I could fold in whatever I wanted and I am sure you'd love them. 

Im glad these muffins always make you happy because I love you very much.


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